Or: A 3 min video about a crossing, some more crossings, and some glimpses of the latest Japanese girl fashion.

Yes, another late entry finally found its way here. This postcard is from the huge street crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo. Well worth a visit.
Wait. Wait. Okey, you may watch the video!

Long time no see! I’ll explain why in my next post. Until then enjoy this video shot in Tokyo October 30th.
It’s from a part located in Asakusa that’s like Japan in Japan, with a lot of tourists. We didn’t intend to ride the touristic rickshaw, but when asked we could bargain down the price a lot and got double the time. We also got to know alot about the area from the guide who pulled the rickshaw (all forgotten now), so well worth a ride if you’re going here.

I bought a Nikon D5100 yesterday and tried it out at a trip to Tokyo Tower. The camera (Nikon D5100) has received a lot of criticism for its video functionality compare to its competitor, the Canon EOS 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 here in Japan), but I tried them out a lot before I decided and am VERY pleased so far!
Lens is my old 50mm 1.4G. No tweaks has been made to the video material.

Entry Fee to Tokyo Tower is 600-820 yen for adults. If you want a similar view for free, head of to Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

But this time I have to leave Japan instead so its with sadness I’ll do it.
I found a sweet trip for Konomi and me, South Korea – Vietnam – Singapore, but unfortunately Konomis university didn’t allow her to leave Japan (yes, a bit of a cultural differance that one…) so we’re going to Tokyo for a week to end my stay here.  I think we’ll have a fun time there and I’m sure Tokyo is big enough to entertain us for a whole week, so I’m OK with it anyway. Next year!
After a week, November the 3′rd, I’ll leave Japan from Tokyo.

Luckily I’ll be back.

Japan round 2, day #1


Or night .. What day is it? I don’t know.
Today is mostly a wait for my connection flight from Tokyo to Fukuoka. So, I’m stuck at the airport for 7 hours and then I’ll have a two hours flight back the way I came.  As long as you get those kind of routes it doesn’t matter how green the landing is? (more…)

Har längtat så mycket att jag inte velat tänka på det, men imorrn är det äntligen dags att åka tillbaka till Fukuoka!
Resan går med Finnair, Arlanda> Helsingfors> Tokyo> Fukuoka.
Någon som har tips på hur man kan spendera 7h på Narita flygplats i Tokyo?…

One day in Tokyo I stumbled into an aquarium.

Den obligatoriska bento-lådan och jag sitter nu i formpressade plastytor som rusar fram i 300 km/h mot Fukuoka. Det är dyrare än flyget, men det slipper jag gärna på ett tag och ser hellre Japans landskap på vägen. (more…)

Japan kräver vidvinkel


Tog tyvärr inte med min systemkamera idag (heller) och min nya kompakt är rätt kass ändå…
Sammanfattning av dagen: Mos burger, Starbucks, Arkadhall, Tunnelbana, Affärer och fler affärer. Traditionell japansk mat och sol hela dagen.

13:05, City Terminalen
Då var det dags för nya äventyr igen! För första gången känner jag lite nervositet när jag åker med bussen mot Arlanda. (more…)

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