The Yamakasa Festival takes place in the area of Hakata and Gion here in Fukuoka.
Lots of, a bit, naked men running while carrying a large and heavy thing. Hm. For in depth information, Fukuoka-now has some. For the awesome video, you stay here.
I can absolutely recommend going there next JULY 15 if you can manage a night without sleep.  (The main attraction starts around 4-5AM).



After a few days of cold winds and rain we finally got some sun. You could even say, a fantastic day. So I took the opportunity with my beloved bike to explore the greener parts around the neighbourhood and also stumbled upon a temple in the woods.

Cherry blossom




Almost a year has past since I posted something! But a lot has happened, so let’s celebrate with a fresh made video (made with my new sony camcorder).

Though only a week it was an awesome trip. Next time I’ll stay longer.
Anyway, enjoy the photos

Starting from today; one week of awesome vacation in Japan. Well, actually from when I get there on Sunday ^^.
This time the flight route will be Stockholm-Frankfurt-Tokyo-Fukuoka. A long way to get to closest airport in Japan, I know.
Could the Japanese allow Swedish planes to land in Fukuoka anytime soon?

The double-deck flight leaves soon and I got a reservation for the best seat.
Time to pack the last things before the flight tomorrow morning ^^

After 27 hours something, door to door, I’m welcomed back by my dark and snowy homeland.
Sometimes people say they dream about going  to Japan. What? Dream? I say GO!
Or on second thought, please don’t go. It’s an amazing genuine country that doesn’t need to be invaded any more by foreigners.

PS Vita crashed


One and a half hour after turning on my new PS Vita it crashed and died.
After getting multiple javascript errors in the browser (on Facebook) it froze and after going into standby (somehow it could still do that) it wouldn’t start again. (more…)

I locked myself away in a booth at a netcafe. Surrounded by youngsters in other booths watching porn.
Maybe it went unnoticed, but I actually left Japan before, went to Malaysia for two weeks and then back to Sweden for about a month. Anyhow, I’m now back since a few days and will stay 3 more days.

Today all the hotels where full due to some band playing here and Konomi is busy the whole day. But it was also the launch day of the PS Vita, or maybe it’s PSV. Anyway it’s not portable anymore.  I tried it out yesterday but didn’t get impressed at all, but couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy it here on launch day. I also bought Uncharted, Ridge racer and the expensive mandatory memory card. (more…)

Or: A 3 min video about a crossing, some more crossings, and some glimpses of the latest Japanese girl fashion.

Yes, another late entry finally found its way here. This postcard is from the huge street crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo. Well worth a visit.
Wait. Wait. Okey, you may watch the video!

Long time no see! I’ll explain why in my next post. Until then enjoy this video shot in Tokyo October 30th.
It’s from a part located in Asakusa that’s like Japan in Japan, with a lot of tourists. We didn’t intend to ride the touristic rickshaw, but when asked we could bargain down the price a lot and got double the time. We also got to know alot about the area from the guide who pulled the rickshaw (all forgotten now), so well worth a ride if you’re going here.

Öronproppar, munskydd och huva på. Åksjuketabletten känns snurrigt bra nu. Sitter på ett nattplan plan till Malaysia, Kuala lumpur för att spara in på dagliga utgifter och har den där vanliga känslan att jag glömt något. Ja, just det, min flickvänn.

Efter att Konomi åkte hem till Fukuoka igår var det mycket tråkigare att stiga upp, så för sista dagen i Tokyo var planen att checka in på ett internetcafe i Akihabara och göra research om landet jag skulle till.
Så blev det väldigt kul ändå. (more…)

I bought a Nikon D5100 yesterday and tried it out at a trip to Tokyo Tower. The camera (Nikon D5100) has received a lot of criticism for its video functionality compare to its competitor, the Canon EOS 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 here in Japan), but I tried them out a lot before I decided and am VERY pleased so far!
Lens is my old 50mm 1.4G. No tweaks has been made to the video material.

Entry Fee to Tokyo Tower is 600-820 yen for adults. If you want a similar view for free, head of to Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

But this time I have to leave Japan instead so its with sadness I’ll do it.
I found a sweet trip for Konomi and me, South Korea – Vietnam – Singapore, but unfortunately Konomis university didn’t allow her to leave Japan (yes, a bit of a cultural differance that one…) so we’re going to Tokyo for a week to end my stay here.  I think we’ll have a fun time there and I’m sure Tokyo is big enough to entertain us for a whole week, so I’m OK with it anyway. Next year!
After a week, November the 3′rd, I’ll leave Japan from Tokyo.

Luckily I’ll be back.

9 dagar kvar i Japan


Ungefär, det är vad jag med viss ångest sitter och planerar nu.
Läser reseinformation från Sveriges ambassad i Vietnam:
En bra reseförsäkring är mycket viktig att ha under resan i Vietnam … dödsfall är kostsamma och svåra att arrangera utan reseförsäkring.”. Nu blev jag lite glad igen. (more…)

Applied for work at IKEA


How can a foreigner (on vacation) in Japan ever get a job when you compete with people who likes working 12 hours a day,
can speak fluent Japanese  and are allowed to work in Japan?
I don’t know. But if I could get them to compete with me instead…

Thinking I had some advantage (and for the experience) I went (unprepared as I don’t even have a working visa) to an interview for IKEA a couple of weeks ago. They are opening in Fukuoka in spring 2012 and looking for 480 people. And that’s only the part time employees. (more…)



Now you have the power to affect the content of this blog! (and my daily life).
I now have 17 days left on my monthly apartment here in Fukuoka, Japan.
The yen is 20% more expensive than it was this spring.
My tourist visa expires in 5 weeks. (more…)

Kumamoto Castle


108km south of Fukuoka in a town called Kumamoto, on a huge green area, lies Kumamoto castle
where Konomis great great great… grandfather Katō Kiyomasa lived for about 400 years ago.
As it wasen’t enough beeing a samurai war lord with a kick ass castle he also captured Seoul and Busan with his 40 000 men army! Pretty impressive compare to my family tree.

Good morning.
For the past month I haven’t needed to set the alarm :)
The video is shot from my current apartment, (found for example at Fukuoka Holiday apartments).
Be aware that there is a construction going on here if you’re sensitive to sounds.
I don’t mind:)

But I’m still here!
The weather has become more cooler the last days – more like a perfect Swedish summer!
From now on it will be rainier and colder, but I prefer it over the absurd humidity.

On other notes I’m tired of living next to a brothel, but at least they changed their advertising posters this week to something somewhat more decent. All the girls have closed their legs now.
Otherwise its a really nice central area here in Hakata, Fukuoka (last picture).

Because Konomi only had her Yukata with her Yesterday, I had to start the day with little time finding a full set of clothes for her. It was not fun. At all.
All shops here at Hakata station is also expensive brand clothes. Large butiques with stylish Japanese women fashion I know little about. (I can’t even dress myself).
After giving up finding something matching or in the right size I finally found a black dress which I bought. A good choice; as the name hints it’s made to dress someone, top and bottom matches per default and the size isn’t really important either. Aim for the shorter if you’re uncertain;)
*Booo*. What?

Yesterday we made a revisit to the Hojoya festival and looked over 500 stalls selling food, lottery tickets, candy, games, turtles (for 500 yen/43 kr each. Even though the yen is extremely expensive right now, the turtles is still cheap, which is nice to know)…
This year I also gathered the courage to visit the haunted house. Turned out being  about as exciting as the freeze box next to it. The freeze box was a bit cheaper and worked better, so I recommend that one if any.

Nya bilder från öst


Ikväll väntar festival och i år ska jag våga gå in i spökhuset..! ><

Eller inte riktigt, för det får man inte, men en timmes volontärarbete räknas inte.
Har ni varit här någon gång så är ju bland det första man märker hur butikspersonal skriker väldigt mycket. Det var precis det jag gjorde! irasshaimaseeeee! (Välkommen).   (more…)

Nyheter med väder


…och Perfume.
Nu har jag ju ändå ätit och druckit i Japan i fyra dagar så det är dags att rapportera lite.

Förutom allt annat som hänt hittills så skaffade Konomi en gaijin-lägenhet med månadskontrakt åt mig igår, en där utlänningar får bo (något annat land som är mer rasistiskt?). Priset är nästan det tredubbla.
Så för 9000:- /månaden får jag 20m², varav 6m² av dom är boyta, resten: badrum, toa (separat), hall, garderob…
Tur att det var kampanj!
Jag börjar med att hyra den en månad, sen får vi se om det är värt det. Inflyttning om två dagar, tills dess fortsatt hotell. (more…)

Hej Peking!


Precis slirat in på mitt hotellrum på Courtyard 7 (via terrassen i bild ovan). Riktigt schysst bungalo style, men lyxigare.

Jag trodde jag var smart som hade med mig ett collage av skärmdumpar från google map för att visa taxichaffören exakt var hotelet låg, från flygplansvy till gatunivå. Tyvärr förstod varken han eller personalen på flygplatsen konceptet google map med zoom..(eller engelska för den delen).
Men alla var trevliga och försökte i alla fall.

Nu är klockan 13:25 och det är dags för dusch! Sen mat och kanske en förbjuden stad.
Förövrigt fick jag precis bevis på att Facebook är spärrat i Kina. Youtube > “funny cats” finns dock. *phew*!

Men åh. Tanten på Forex ville utbilda mig i hur man känner igen falska sedlar i Kina. Det var väl snällt, men

väl på bussen ser jag att hon gett mig den falska sedeln >< Är inte 100%, men 99%. Jag är ju ändå utbildad…
Ska se om jag kan byta sedeln på Flygplatsen.

[updaterat]. Sedeln var inte falsk. Såg bara ut så för en lekman



The summer is comming to and end so far I’ve mostly been at the office.

A year ago I just arrived to Fukuoka, Japan, and begun 4 months of studies.
I was newly in love with Japan and had probably just been out clubbing, gone to a festival or had a day of Baseball culture.
I was meeting a lot of amazingly fun people and had the time of my life. (more…)

Japan round 2, day #1


Or night .. What day is it? I don’t know.
Today is mostly a wait for my connection flight from Tokyo to Fukuoka. So, I’m stuck at the airport for 7 hours and then I’ll have a two hours flight back the way I came.  As long as you get those kind of routes it doesn’t matter how green the landing is? (more…)

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