There’s not many game reviews out there for the PSVITA so I thought I’d contribute with my impression of Uncharted: Golden Abbys.
I’ve finished about 40% of the game and if it wasn’t for a huge game design mistake I would have been able to play it a lot more on my flight from Japan.
There was a “puzzle” demanding a bright external light source. Don’t they know we like to play in the dark?
I haven’t played the game a lot and already at 40%. So far it’s been like a tutorial where the game always hold your hand and is extremely linear. Though the series always been linear it hasn’t felt like it before. (more…)

PS Vita crashed


One and a half hour after turning on my new PS Vita it crashed and died.
After getting multiple javascript errors in the browser (on Facebook) it froze and after going into standby (somehow it could still do that) it wouldn’t start again. (more…)

I locked myself away in a booth at a netcafe. Surrounded by youngsters in other booths watching porn.
Maybe it went unnoticed, but I actually left Japan before, went to Malaysia for two weeks and then back to Sweden for about a month. Anyhow, I’m now back since a few days and will stay 3 more days.

Today all the hotels where full due to some band playing here and Konomi is busy the whole day. But it was also the launch day of the PS Vita, or maybe it’s PSV. Anyway it’s not portable anymore.  I tried it out yesterday but didn’t get impressed at all, but couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy it here on launch day. I also bought Uncharted, Ridge racer and the expensive mandatory memory card. (more…)

I bought a Nikon D5100 yesterday and tried it out at a trip to Tokyo Tower. The camera (Nikon D5100) has received a lot of criticism for its video functionality compare to its competitor, the Canon EOS 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 here in Japan), but I tried them out a lot before I decided and am VERY pleased so far!
Lens is my old 50mm 1.4G. No tweaks has been made to the video material.

Entry Fee to Tokyo Tower is 600-820 yen for adults. If you want a similar view for free, head of to Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

Har varit riktigt nöjd med min förra kamera, Canon IXUS 95IS, som jag köpte inför förra resan.
Det enda jag saknade var bättre videokvalité.
Vips så har det löst sig med den senaste superkompakten i IXUS-serien som nu filmar i full HD.
Så förvänta er mer klipp från Japan i vår! Tyvärr inga fler underbara klubbvideos då Konomi är för ung… men palmer, stränder, natur och kultur.
Dock kommer jag inte redigera ihop något förens jag är tillbaka, för jag ska fan inte sitta framför datorn:)

WordPress och Android


Ett litet tips för dom som laddar upp bilder via Android och tycker att WordPress borde begränsa bilderners höjd:
Öppna style.css i valfri texteditor. Filen ligger i tema-mappen till wordpress. (more…)

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